5 places to visit in Peru

5 places to visit in Peru

Country of legends and mysteries, Peru is worth visiting for a new air. By taking a tour of the many sites and beautiful places full of treasures, you will see that this place is wonderfully authentic.

During your trip, discover its picturesque charm and visit unpublished places with unique landscapes. Indeed, this country contains various stories and ancestral facts that you can explore once there for fun but also for more historical knowledge. Starting from the capital Lima to the famous lake, be prepared to gape at the stunning beauty of Peru.

Discover the five essential places of Peru

We won't make you wait any longer; let's start the discovery of the places through a brief description of each of them.

1. Lima

The Peruvian capital with a monumental colonial past, it attracts many tourists. Archaeological sites and magnificent museums, this metropolis is worth a detour. You can enjoy walking in the neighborhoods both fanciful and modern. The reference in terms of gastronomy of South America, it is imperative that you visit one of their many restaurants.

2. Machu Picchu

Impossible to go to Peru without visiting this wonder of the world. Its lost city is breathtaking with a magnificent view of the rubble of a city hung in the clouds. The Inca's know-how is simply "top". By their hands, they built an empire hiding wealth and magical sites.

3. The Ballestas Islands

Major attraction and playgrounds of many marine species. They are the place of observation of wildlife and nature phenomena. It is like a paradise where endangered marine species are found.

4. Cuzco

This imperial city allows you to discover the values and cultures of the population. With a breathtaking view of the Andean Cordillera, this city is of an impregnated sweetness. Its sites with an outstanding architecture such as the cathedral, the temple of the Sun and the stone with twelve angles testify its historical value.

5. Lake Titicaca

This lake is one of the most popular places to see. The only highest navigable lake in the world with an altitude of 3,800 meters. You will discover the floating islands and the Uros Islands without forgetting the warm welcome of the inhabitants.

Peru: a dream destination

One tends to think that in this place, it is only the discovery of the cultures and prehistoric sites that one cannot do. You can also enjoy the sun by going to the Peruvian beaches. 3,000 km of coastal areas to tan with all the family and friends.

The spots that are available there will delight surf fans. You can sip special cocktails while enjoying the cold air caressing your face and the tranquility of these beaches. The underwater dives are similarly at the rendezvous. You should know that the marine waters of the northern part are the hottest and most beautiful beaches are the beach of Tumbes and Lambayeque.

Be in the right place

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